We’re Expanding!

We are excited to announce that the Veterinary Clinic of Myrtle Beach will be expanding in the next year to increase the amount of workspace and animal spaces in our existing hospital. We have been faced with challenges over the last 2 years in keeping up with client and patient needs for our services; Medical, Surgical, Urgent Care, as well as for Boarding. It has proven difficult to coordinate all of the pets that need routine care, urgent care, and overnight care, keeping them all in a comfortable space.

In addition to this, our parking lot size no longer accommodates our clients and staff. We have acquired the property next door to our clinic and will be donating the house on that property to a non-profit organization that is eager to use it for families in need.

We were proud to re-purpose our existing building in 2014, taking the old structure and turning it into a veterinary clinic. We have decided to renovate the existing footprint while also building a new addition to the east. This will provide our clients and patients with the space they deserve, and allow our staff to continue to provide the best care to client owned pets as well as perform the work we do for non-profit organizations like the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society and Safe Haven for Cats.

Our Feline patients will enjoy an entirely separate Entrance to the building with their own Waiting area, Exam room, Surgery suite, Treatment area, and Boarding room. Cats will be better served so that they can have a stress-free trip to the veterinary clinic without being near dogs, and enjoy their own Indoor and Outdoor (“catio”) spaces.

For those of you who have been hoping, hinting, and waiting for this – we will be dedicating a generous amount of our new space to Dogs who will enjoy luxury boarding! Self-Grooming stations for dogs are included in this plan so that sandy dogs can be washed and dried before coming home from the beach!