The doctors and staff of Veterinary Clinic of Myrtle Beach have many years of experience in emergency and critical care surgery, routine surgery, complicated surgical procedures, and safe Anesthesia. We perform planned procedures during the week when post-operative care can be monitored and managed. Emergency surgeries are performed whenever needed. We accommodate our schedule based on the patient’s needs.

All patients undergoing surgery receive a Financial Estimate for the procedure, and pre-anesthetic bloodwork. An intravenous catheter is placed and IV fluids are given while the pet is under gas anesthesia. Patients are monitored by Licensed and certified Veterinary Nurses who are trained in anesthesia monitoring and safety. Our monitoring equipment, protocols and anesthesia guidelines mirror that of human standards of care.

Most Soft Tissue surgeries are performed at VMCB, including:

Spay & Neuter

Routine spay and neuter surgeries are performed on an Out-Patient basis. These patients are admitted in the morning and discharged later the same day. All patients are discharged with written instructions from the doctor for at-home care and medications to be administered by the owner.

Non-routine surgical Patients

Non-routine surgical patients usually stay 1-2 nights in the hospital for post-operative care and treatment, where they are assigned a specific doctor and Nurse for the length of their hospital stay. During this time we stay in close contact with the pet owner, giving updates on their pet’s condition.

Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic surgeries are not performed at the Veterinary Clinic of Myrtle Beach, but we do refer these patients to qualified veterinary practitioners we know and trust. We handle the referral and transfer of care for your pet in a cohesive manner that allows us to still manage the patient’s needs before and after an orthopedic surgery.

Whenever needed, we will refer our clients to the Veterinary Specialty Care Hospital in Mt. Pleasant, SC for specialty surgical (and medical) care, when a Board-Certified Veterinarian is needed.


As most of our patients will have dental needs at some point in their lifetime, our doctors will perform excellent oral evaluations, discuss the Stage of Dental Disease your dog or cat has, and give an overall recommendation for your pet. Dental disease can not only cause pain and inflammation of the oral cavity, but can lead to a whole host of other health problems including heart murmurs and systemic infections.

The doctors at Veterinary Clinic of Myrtle Beach have a high level of experience in veterinary dentistry and surgery, but we are also very conservative about dental care. We want your pet to have routine care before the periodontal disease reaches the stage where multiple tooth extractions are necessary and the patient is in his or her geriatric years, with other concurrent health issues. Preventative maintenance is the key to good oral health in our pets.

After a Financial Estimate is provided to you for your pet’s dental care needs, Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork is performed to ensure that the procedure will be as safe as possible and that your pet doesn’t have any other health concerns that would preclude an anesthetic procedure.

The dental procedure itself includes IV fluid support for your pet , peri-operative pain management, general anesthesia, an Ultrasonic Scaling of the teeth above and below the gum line to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth, a fluoride polishing and any necessary tooth extractions based on specific dental disease parameters. If the tooth is damaged, fractured, painful, abscessed or has lost its attachment to the underlying structure of the bone, removal is necessary.

Your pet is monitored by a Licensed and certified Veterinary Nurse the entire time he or she is under the anesthetic procedure. All extractions are performed by a doctor. Some small breeds of dogs are much more predisposed to having dental disease than others, like Dachshunds and Yorkshire terriers.

Our dental procedures are performed on an Out-Patient basis, so the patients are admitted in the morning and are discharged later the same day. We keep you fully informed of how your pet is doing throughout the day in the hospital and provide you with detailed discharge instructions with any and all care and medications they will need once they are back home. Free dental recheck appointments are offered as well, to ensure that your pet is experiencing a normal recovery and feeling better after their care with us.

In-Patient Care Hospitalization

In-Patient Care and Hospitalization may be recommended for your pet for management of significant medical conditions.

Diabetes, Pancreatitis and Gastrointestinal Disorders are some of the conditions that warrant a hospital stay for your pet, for supportive or palliative care until you can care for them at home. These pets need intensive Doctor and Nursing care, with treatment plans that include IV fluids, injectable medications and nutritional support to get the pet healthy again.

Our doctors also perform Blood Transfusions when this therapy is needed, as well as in Emergency situations.

Veterinary Clinic of Myrtle Beach

The Veterinary Clinic of Myrtle Beach is a Myrtle Beach veterinary clinic that provides routine services, surgical services, and emergency services for all types of pets along the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.



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